4th Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research

In association with Financial Crypto 2017
April 7, 2017
The Palace Hotel


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Bitcoin has caught the attention of academic researchers, financial market participants, law enforcement, mainstream media, and government regulators across the globe. As a subject of academic research, Bitcoin and blockchains more generally raise interesting questions across a variety of disciplines ranging from computer science to law and economics. BITCOIN is the longest-running peer-reviewed workshop bringing together interested scholars who study cryptographic currencies (Bitcoin in particular) and their supporting ecosystems from a technical or socio-economic perspective.

The workshop is part of the International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security, a premier forum for research, advanced development, education, exploration, and debate regarding information assurance, with a specific focus on commercial contexts.

Program Chairs

Joseph BonneauStanford University
Andrew MillerUniversity of Illinois