This schedule is subject to change

13:55Opening remarks

Session 1: Invited Talk

Blockchain and Smart Contract Mechanism Design Challenges - slides
Vitalik Buterin
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15:00Coffee break with poster session
Scripting smart contracts for distributed ledger technology
Pablo Lamela Seijas, Simon Thompson and Darryl McAdams
ZeroTrade: Privacy Respecting Assets Trading System based on Public Ledger
Lei Xu, Lin Chen, Nolan Shah, Zhimin Gao, Yang Lu and Weidong Shi

Session 2

Findel: Secure Derivative Contracts for Ethereum - slides
Alex Biryukov, Dmitry Khovratovich and Sergei Tikhomirov
Decentralized Execution of Smart Contracts: Agent Model Perspective and Its Implications - slides
Lin Chen, Lei Xu, Nolan Shah, Zhimin Gao, Yang Lu and Weidong Shi

Session 3

A Concurrent Perspective on Smart Contracts - slides
Ilya Sergey and Aquinas Hobor
An empirical analysis of smart contracts: platforms, applications, and design patterns - slides
Massimo Bartoletti and Livio Pompianu
Trust in Smart Contracts is a Process, As Well - slides
Firas Al Khalil, Tom Butler, Leona O'Brien and Marcello Ceci
Defining the Ethereum Virtual Machine for Interactive Theorem Provers - slides
Yoichi Hirai


Session 4

SmartCast: An Incentive Compatible Consensus Protocol Using Smart Contracts - slides
Abhiram Kothapalli, Andrew Miller and Nikita Borisov
On the feasibility of decentralized derivatives markets - slides
Shayan Eskandari, Jeremy Clark, Moe Adham and Vignesh Sundaresan
A Proof-of-Stake protocol for consensus on Bitcoin subchains - slides
Massimo Bartoletti, Stefano Lande and Alessandro Sebastian Podda

This conference is organized annually by the International Financial Cryptography Association in cooperation with IACR.